Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Kyle XY Season 3 Premiere S3xE01 It Happened One Night

If you're in the USA you won't have to wait till next week for watching the premiere of Kyle XY Season 3: thanks to Fancast we may already watch it online!

Watch below Kyle XY S03x01 It Happened One Night:

No more available.

This first episode of Kyle XY Season 3 is so promising! This early look at the new season of Kyle XY makes my day! Besides I heard that there could be a season 4 of Kyle XY, so I'm damn happy!

Let's enjoy the episodes of Kyle XY season 3 and let's keep praying for Kyle XY season 4 to happen!


Anonymous said...

So I just watched the new epi for season 3 and.... I loved it! The new cuteguy is cute... love his accent. I'm not sure if he's going to end up being a good or bad guy yet. And OMG.... Mark is working for them! Not really a surprise though since his 'strange' face at the very end of last season we all knew he was up to something, right? Sooo... this looks like the start of a very exciting season. It's great to see all their faces again... ohhh how I've missed them!

Rouge_Berry said...

when will it airs in USA?

Kyle XY said...

The premiere of the third season of Kyle XY will air on January 12, 2009: that's next Monday!

But it will be the same episode as above. :)

Anonymous said...

I cant watch it!

It says that the video is not available

KJs_Dad said...

Re: Season 4. ABC Family will decide on FEBRUARY 1 whether there is a season 4 or not. So the January ratings for the new season are VERY IMPORTANT. We all need to watch, tell our friends, watch online, post online, and do whatever we can to promote the show. Some are even starting a postcard campaign (details on my blog). "KyleXY" is the BEST. Season 3 looks AWESOME! LEts do what we can to make ure season 4 happens!


Anonymous said...

aw why im not from USA!! T-T!!
upload other one so everyone can watch it
plzz =[!!

Anonymous said...

how come its says the video is not available!??!??!?!

Eneko said...

I couldn't watch it either... I guess that's because we're not in USA (in fact, BBC uses to do this damn same thing with its releases, that is that you can watch them only if you're in UK... >_< And that's unfair and a poor marketing estrategy!!!! I'm not in neither USA or UK but a CONSUME their shows. C'mon!!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks GOD that there is now Kyle XY 3rd season for awhile there I will never get to enjoy this most endearing family,let's all pray that it keeps on for at least 7th season...elmer encinas

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting and watching on abc family but haven't seen it on yet. it said premiers Jan 12 but I didn't see it any where. Is it still on and showing new shows what channel is it on I have direct tv any help will be greatly appreciated I have both season one and two on dvd

Anonymous said...

I love the new season of Kyle XY. I can't believe how fast time flies when I watch it! I think it should be a 2 hour episode or at least 1 and a half hour episode..

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