Saturday, 6 September 2008

Kyle Xy Season 3 Preview Clip From Comic Con

Comic Con attendees were treated with some footage of the upcoming season 3 of Kyle XY. In the clip Kyle sneaks into a Latnok complex with the help of Jessi: the two are here to ave Amanda who was abducted

Here below the comic con preview clip of Kyle XY Season 3:

At long last Kyle and Jessi reveal their powers and are not afraid to use them to save Kyle's girlfriend. But OMG can you believe how this clip ends?!

There must be a plot trick here of course: Kyle cannot die from the start!


Anonymous said...

Dudde he can heal himself like adam remember?

Anonymous said...

He couldnt heal himself in season 2 so how do you know he will heal himself?

Anonymous said...

he heal himself man its stupid when the main artist dies in first episode of a new season.... otherwise i want my money back lol cant wait to see the new seasons episodes

Great work!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm KYLE XY fan. Im so glad and will wait the KYLE XY season 3 come into Malaysia!!!

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