Sunday, 13 April 2008

Kyle XY Season 3

Kyle XYLast season Kyle became aware of his real power: he not only cured Josh Trager's girlfriend from her cancer but he also resurrected Jessi! Is there any limit to what this lab genius can do?

Well, Kyle is not alone to be conscious of his incredible abilities: Latnok, a mysterious organization whose members wear a silver ring with a blue-purple gem, is well aware of Kyle's powers as they were spying him since his escape from the lab.

The apex of the last season was the kidnapping of Amanda, Kyle's girlfriend. Who have done this? For what purpose?

We may think it's Latnok, but can't be sure: more than once the writers behind Kyle XY have surprised us...

So as usual we have new questions and are still tormented by some old mysteries left unanswered: damned this hiatus till Kyle XY season 3 is a hard time for the fans!

Kyle XY Season 3:

The filming of the season 3 has been kind of late due to the last writer strike in Hollywood. But fortunately the strike is now over.

But both Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Josh trager) have since confirmed that the season 3 is now under production.

No official date has been set yet for the premiere of Kyle XY season 3. But we may fairly bet that Kyle XY season 3 premiere will be in October 2008.

update: the third season (with 10 episodes) is scheduled to air in January 2009.

To help you wait till then, let's watch the original opening of Kyle XY:

Kyle XY is one of the best sci fi show ever seen on ABC.


Anonymous said...

We don't know for sure if he cured Andy's cancer. In Primary Colors (aka "Blackout" Kyle tells Adam Baylin when he visits the Tragers house "I didn't try to heal Andy. I wouldn't. You cautioned me against pushing myself." Adam Baylin had replied "Well using your mind to alter (or affect) another person's physiology is conceivable some day but I don't think its possible at this stage in your development. Yet your experiencing strange symptoms" Soon after Adam sees the record of She Could Be You in Kyle's room and asks him where he got it. Then after Kyle explains it was left for Jessi by someone but they didn't know who and it was missing in the juxebox when they visited the diner Adam asks if he played it. Kyle said yes and when Adam asks how often Kyle says "a lot lately I like it. It relaxes me." Adam tells him to listen again and says "you don't hear anything else." When Kyle asks if he is supposed to be hearing something Adam tells him to listen carefully, and later in the scene where Nicole Trager enters Adam explains to her and Kyle that the record Kyle was listening to Adam and Sarah used to use to record messages for each other within the music.

I am uncertain did Kyle really heal Andy? If he did the symptoms he had though obviously were not a result of his doing so but as seen in that episode and discussed above it was because of that record.

Assuming he did after telling Adam assuming Adam is secretly in league with Zzyx even after Kyle learned from Sarah about how they are not as great as Kyle was led to believe. That is assuming in the season 2b finale when Adam leaves upon telling Kyle he needs to take a break from Latnok that he is actually going to join them and that he has told them about Kyle possibly healing Andy -- my question is actually do you think Latnok knows about Kyle supposedly healing Andy's cancer. They certainly know about him bringing Jessi back from the dead at the end of the Hello episode. They might also find out from Adam what Kyle told Adam about the discovery of Sarah being alive. I hope Adam still turns out to be good but there are rumors he may turn on Kyle in season 3.

DDDaDiVa! said...

I'm not a big Sci-Flick type of chick, but since the first episode of Kyle XY, I've been hooked. I have watched every episode since aired! It is the best show since Dark Angel and I cannot wait til the new episodes come on! P.S. When are you going to start showing season 1 & 2 again?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have ended the show, I know many people are very disappointed. ABC Family has shown to be very uncaring about those of us who watch their series. Your being stupid like they were when Star Trek went off the air so quickly, THEN they noticed how much the people liked the show. More people watch Kyle XY then you think.......... BIG MISTAKE TAKING IT OFF!

Anonymous said...

I, personally, would be very much disappointed if you do not continue with Kyle Xy for i really enjoy that movie

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