Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Kyle XY Season 4

God damn ABC excutives for canceling Kyle XY!

Please is there any other network that could help?
Maybe the Sci-Fi Channel?

There is definitely room for one or towo more season of Kyle XY. And I bet many would watch it!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Kyle XY Season 3 Premiere S3xE01 It Happened One Night

If you're in the USA you won't have to wait till next week for watching the premiere of Kyle XY Season 3: thanks to Fancast we may already watch it online!

Watch below Kyle XY S03x01 It Happened One Night:

No more available.

This first episode of Kyle XY Season 3 is so promising! This early look at the new season of Kyle XY makes my day! Besides I heard that there could be a season 4 of Kyle XY, so I'm damn happy!

Let's enjoy the episodes of Kyle XY season 3 and let's keep praying for Kyle XY season 4 to happen!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Kyle XY Season 3 Preview Clip

(Are they going to accept that they're meant to be together? Hope so!)

We listed below a few preview clips of Kyle XY Season 3 (actually the clips are all from episode 1, Kyle XY S3xE01 It Happened):

In a single moment everything can change.

Did latnok abduct Amanda?

Jessi and kyle team up to rescue Amanda.

Kyle escape from Latnok by using his powers and jumping from the top of a building!

Kyle will learn to better control his powers and will start to use them in the third season of Kyle XY.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Kyle XY Season 3 New Trailer and New Girlfriend?

Kyle XY - Will Kyle have a new girlfriend?Here below the latest trailer of Kyle XY Season 3:

Our favorite genius will come back on ABC on January 12, 2009. I do miss my weekly episode of Kyle XY, if only there could be more after this season 3 of Kyle XY! Only ten episodes, that's so little...

In this trailer one may see Kyle and Amanda kissing. But according the episode guide of Kyle XY Season 3 they're going to break in episode 3 which is titled Electric Kiss. I'm praying for Kyle to hook up with Jessi! They are meant to be together, and seriously, Jessi (Jaimie Alexander) looks so much better than (Kirsten Prout, her name sounds like a fart...).

Kyle please, chose the right girl: the sexy and beautiful Jessi!

Update: look at those two young lovers:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
Electric KissKyle and Jessi make a really nice couple! A much better match than Kyle and Amanda. Hope that Kyle and Jessi will stay together from now on!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode List

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode ListHere below an episode list of Kyle XY Season 3:

Kyle XY S3xE01 It Happened...
After Amanda's abduction in the cliffhanger episode of Kyle XY Season 2 finale, Kyle plots to rescue her from Latnok's clutches with the help of Jessi.

Kyle XY S3xE02 Psychic Friend
Kyle fears for Amanda's life after some psychic gives him a strong warning.

Kyle XY S3xE03 Electric Kiss

Kyle XY S3xE04 Episode 3.04
Kyle, Josh and Declan hits the bar. Kyle needs to drown his sorrows after breaking up with Amanda.

Kyle XY S3xE05 Life Support
A car accident seriously injures Nicole, and Kyle and Josh help a woman named Gretchen give birth.

Kyle XY S3xE06 Rush

Kyle XY S3xE07 Chemistry 101

Kyle XY S3xE08

Kyle XY S3xE09

Kyle XY S3xE10

Kyle XY S3xE11

Kyle XY S3xE12

We will complete this episode guide of Kyle XY season 3 as soon as more details are available.

Just a reaction: Amanda and Kyle are breaking up! Then I'd think that Episode 3, Electric Kiss, is actually hinting at a kiss between Jessi and kyle! I'm glad because Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander would make such a better couple!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Kyle XY Season 3 New Footage

There is some new footage from the upcoming season 3 of Kyle XY. It is actually a clip from the first episode, it takes place just after the comic con clip of Kyle XY season 3:

I wonder when the episode list of Kyle XY season 3 will be available. All I know so far is that there will be only 10 episodes in the new season of Kyle XY.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Kyle Xy Season 3 Preview Clip From Comic Con

Comic Con attendees were treated with some footage of the upcoming season 3 of Kyle XY. In the clip Kyle sneaks into a Latnok complex with the help of Jessi: the two are here to ave Amanda who was abducted

Here below the comic con preview clip of Kyle XY Season 3:

At long last Kyle and Jessi reveal their powers and are not afraid to use them to save Kyle's girlfriend. But OMG can you believe how this clip ends?!

There must be a plot trick here of course: Kyle cannot die from the start!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Kyle XY Season 3 First Teaser Trailer

A first teaser trailer of the third season of Kyle XY has been aired on TV:

ABC Family's


All new season this January 2009

A bit disappointed to have to wait til January 2009 to see this Kyle XY season 3, but so happy to see Kyle will be back! And looks like Latnok will regret messing with his life!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Kyle XY Season 3

Kyle XYLast season Kyle became aware of his real power: he not only cured Josh Trager's girlfriend from her cancer but he also resurrected Jessi! Is there any limit to what this lab genius can do?

Well, Kyle is not alone to be conscious of his incredible abilities: Latnok, a mysterious organization whose members wear a silver ring with a blue-purple gem, is well aware of Kyle's powers as they were spying him since his escape from the lab.

The apex of the last season was the kidnapping of Amanda, Kyle's girlfriend. Who have done this? For what purpose?

We may think it's Latnok, but can't be sure: more than once the writers behind Kyle XY have surprised us...

So as usual we have new questions and are still tormented by some old mysteries left unanswered: damned this hiatus till Kyle XY season 3 is a hard time for the fans!

Kyle XY Season 3:

The filming of the season 3 has been kind of late due to the last writer strike in Hollywood. But fortunately the strike is now over.

But both Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Josh trager) have since confirmed that the season 3 is now under production.

No official date has been set yet for the premiere of Kyle XY season 3. But we may fairly bet that Kyle XY season 3 premiere will be in October 2008.

update: the third season (with 10 episodes) is scheduled to air in January 2009.

To help you wait till then, let's watch the original opening of Kyle XY:

Kyle XY is one of the best sci fi show ever seen on ABC.